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Christmas: Give the gift of good sleep this holiday season

Give the gift of good sleep this holiday season

Christmas is just coming soon, which means it’s time to find the perfect present for your loved ones. And what better gift to give then healthy and restorative sleep? When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. A Christmas present that helps someone sleep well every night, no matter where they are, is the gift that keeps on giving, since healthy sleep has been shown[1] to have numerous significant physical and mental benefits for people of all ages.


ResMed offers many products that would make practical and memorable Christmas gifts to help that special someone in your life sleep soundly—especially for those who travel often. Here are just a few.


Ostrich Pillow

A pillow and eye mask in one, the Ostrich Pillow is ideal for people on the go. Portable, adjustable and versatile, it can be worn as a neck support, an over-sized sleep mask, or simply used as a pillow as you lean against a window or a travel mate.


SleepPhones Wireless

Know someone who can’t fall asleep without listening to a podcast or favourite album, and they tend to wake up in the middle of the night with their headphone cords wrapped around their neck? Wireless SleepPhones offer a comfortable cord-free way to fall asleep. Bluetooth®-enabled headphones are contained in a soft fleece headband, making it easy to drift off to any soothing sounds you want.


Ear Plugs

Whether you’re flying in a plane or simply living in an urban apartment building, noise can negatively impact your sleep. Made from memory foam with outstanding noise-blocking properties, these super-soft ear plugs are made for a perfect fit and a sound sleep. They come in a handy travel case and can be re-used many times.


Travel Blanket

When you’re switching between planes, trains, buses and taxis, you’re likely experiencing changing temperatures and climates too. This thick fleece blanket, made in Britain, is the ideal travel companion, helping you create a cozy naptime setting anywhere you go.


Heaven Fresh Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier

Wintertime often comes with dry air that is compounded by the use of indoor heating. Breathing dry air for long periods of time can exacerbate sore throats and other issues that may harm your sleep. This travel humidifier is a smart solution. It’s small and portable, and simply plugs into a 500 mL water bottle, helping create a soothing interior environment that’s ideal for you.


Sound+Sleep Sound Machine

Some SOUND+SLEEP sound machine uses naturally recorded, high-definition sounds scientifically engineered to promote deep sleep. It comes with 30 distinct sound profiles, including ocean, rainfall, meadow, brook, waterfall, train, city and fireplace. Sleep well with no prescription necessary.


Seasons greetings and happy sleeping from all of us at ResMed!




Christmas gifts to sleep better
A range of gifts to offer a good night sleep at Christmas

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