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S+ by ResMed: the world's first non-contact sleep tracking system

Are you making the most of your smartphone? If you’re using it to instant message far-off friends, catch up with tv shows on the train to work or snag a Snorlax on Pokemon Go, the answer is ‘no’. Because you can also use it to access the world’s first non-contact, fully comprehensive sleep tracking system. S+ by ResMed, a brilliant [1] wireless sleep tracking device[2] , is set to banish bad sleep from your bedroom.


When your sleep suffers, you suffer

S+ by ResMed is unlike other sleep trackers you might have tried. You don’t wear it, you don’t sleep on it, you don’t get given a page of uninformative ‘results’. This is a sleep tracking device that wants you to sleep better and is going to help you make that happen.


Sleep is hugely important to our overall health and quality of life. But it’s so easy to give it a low priority. Boxed-set binging one week, a heavy workload the next, two parties and a boozy dinner the week after… it all adds up and sleep is the first thing to suffer. Before you know it, you’re looking grey and you’ve doubled your caffeine intake.


So what can you do about it? If you’re burning the candle at both ends, you probably know where to start. But how about the more subtle factors that can interfere with your sleep, such as temperature, noise, alcohol, caffeine, exercise and anxiety? How can you understand the role they play in the quality of your sleep if you’re asleep when the problems are happening?


S+ by ResMed

The answer is to use a sleep tracking device. And to choose one that provides reliable information and insight (after all, you want results that will actually improve your sleep!). That’s where the S+ by ResMed [3] comes in.


The sleek and elegant S+ by ResMed [4] sits on your bedside table and looks out for the subtle – and not-so-subtle – elements that might be compromising the quality of your shut-eye. It monitors your movements, your breathing and your environment [5] (how hot the room is, background noises, etc.) and feeds that information to your smartphone. In the morning, the S+ by ResMed app tells you how well you slept and gives you meaningful advice to help you sleep better next time. Simple.


If sounds too good to be true, but the reality is that people who use the S+ by ResMed quickly start sleeping more[6] . For example, after just one week of use, below-average sleepers tend to sleep for an extra 30 minutes each night while people with very poor sleep gain a whole hour**.


Why is that? One formerly-sleepy journalist and S+ by ResMed convert explained it as follows: “By the end of the four weeks my sleep score had reached a higher, steady number. For me it became pretty clear that being conscious about the amount I was sleeping really hit home and forced me to do something about it. As it says on the box, [the S+ by ResMed] really did “fix my sleep.”***


So instead of spending your life feeling tired or relying on more and more coffee, do something about it. Get to the source of your sleep problems and fix them. The S+ by ResMed sleep tracking device is ready to help[7] .


*67% of S+ by ResMed users with an average sleep score <75 saw an average improvement in total sleep time of 31.12 minutes in second week.

**Users with average sleep scores between 40 -50 improved their sleep by an average of 71 minutes per night after one week of use.

Data analysed from de-identified S+ by ResMed users as of 3/19/15




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