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AirFit F20: let the good times roll!

Use CPAP therapy for sleep apnoea? Breathe through your mouth and nose when you sleep? Looking for a full face CPAP mask that offers exceptional fit, comfort and visual freedom? Look no further: ResMed AirFit™ F20 is here!

Freedom to be you

New AirFit F20 is all about effective therapy and a great user experience, delivered through thoughtful design. The comfort of a high-tech silicone cushion that adjusts to your movements for all-night leak protection. The simplicity of a user-friendly magnetic clip system for fitting and attaching your mask. The gentle touch of soft, seamless fabric against your skin. And, of course, the revitalising impact of effective CPAP therapy on your sleep and your health.


The frame design of AirFit F20 is a great example of this user-centric process. Lots of people start their therapy before getting into bed or continue during a morning lie-in. But wearing a full face CPAP mask can be really frustrating at those times – you have to hold your book at an awkward angle, your view of the television is obstructed, you can’t wear your glasses, the list goes on. So ResMed’s engineers explored ways to solve that problem and developed a compact frame design that maximises visual sightlines and minimises facial contact. The result is a full face CPAP mask that gives you the freedom to read, do crafts, watch films, play games… – in short, a mask that gives you more freedom to be you.


A mask that works for you

Also, let’s face it: most sleep apnoea masks seem to be made for men with short hair and standard features. AirFit F20 is different. This is a sleep apnoea mask designed to deliver a great fit and robust seal for men and women of all shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds. In fact, international studies show it fits 96.5% of people who try it.1,2,3,4.


There’s even a special ‘For Her’ version with female-friendly design features. Like all of the masks and devices in ResMed’s ‘For Her’ range, AirFit F20 for Her has been specially designed to to suit women’s facial features and lifestyle preferences. For example, the headgear works equally well with an up-do or a loose hairstyle. Attention to the little details, thoughtful design, tailored features, it all comes together to make AirFit F20 for Her an ideal CPAP mask for women.


The best CPAP mask?

Choosing the best CPAP mask for the job is so important. Your mask needs to be an excellent fit to ensure minimal leakage and effective therapy, and it also needs to be comfortable, easy to use and relaxing to wear. With the right mask, you’ll find it so much easier to enjoy the benefits of therapy and the positive impact it can have on your life.


When ResMed’s design and technology experts sat down to develop AirFit F20 they wanted to develop the best CPAP mask. We think they succeeded and 86% patients agree that they prefer AirFit F20’s seal to the current market-leading full face mask.1 Why not give it a try and see what you think?



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F20 new Full Face mask by ResMed, optimal comfort

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